Welcome to Photo Memorial Necklace

Welcome to Photo Memorial Necklace

Hello and welcome to Photo Memorial Necklace.

It is our mission to help with the difficult and painful process of grieving for a loved one. We offer hand crafted memorial necklaces, that help preserve and keep alive the memory of a departed loved one. Take a cherished or favorite picture and make a personalized memory necklace, and add engraving of names or dates onto the back of your necklace.

Our products are made with love in the USA. Each and every photo memorial necklace that we create is made with care, and checked to make sure it is of the highest quality.

Our current products include:

Heart Photo Memorial Necklace: A heart shaped necklace with a picture of your loved one sealed with a crystal coating that will protect your necklace so that the image quality with stay clear and will not fade.

Circle Photo Memorial Necklace: A variation on our original heart necklace, the circle shaped photo memorial necklace is loved by our customers for its simplicity and elegance.

Large Pendant Photo Memorial Necklace: This large pendant is ideal for a larger picture where you want to preserve the whole image. This large pendant is loved by our customers who want to make a memorial of a favorite family gathering or important life event.

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